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Holiday Addiction Triggers

Posted on Dec 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

For people with an addiction, the holidays may pose a particularly challenging set of circumstances that can make their situation worse. These include:

Loneliness: Social isolation can be deeply felt during holidays that emphasize relationships and family.

Family stress: As families come together for the holidays, conflicts between family members can become more intense.

Relaxing of social constraints: Holiday parties and the general celebratory mood loosen normal social codes about how to behave. Overindulgence, whether in food or alcohol, is more common.

Financial stress: The holidays can be very expensive, and someone worried about how they will afford all of the gift and parties of the season may turn to substances to lessen the stress.

If you notice signs of addiction in someone you love this holiday season, or at anytime throughout the year, consider getting help and counsel from an addiction specialist on how to intervene effectively. For a free phone consultation with a Mills-Peninsula Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program intake counselor, call 650-696-4666. Visit the Mills-Peninsula Behavioral Health website for more information on behavioral health services, programs and resources and the website.

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