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Fast Food Solutions

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 in Nutrition


Fast food: It’s a quick and convenient meal choice for many. According to a recent Gallup poll, eight out of 10 Americans report eating at fast-food restaurants at least monthly, with almost half saying they consume fast food weekly or more.

“With our busy lives, fast food can be a quick and convenient way to feed the whole family,” says  Sashi Amara, M.D., a Mills-Peninsula internal medicine physician. “Recognize, though, that fast food packs a lot of calories. Try and make sure it is just an occasional meal choice.”

If you do eat fast food, Dr. Amara recommends these healthier strategies:

• Order grilled chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes (without the cheese and sour cream toppings), salads with vinaigrette rather than ranch dressing and fruit parfaits.

• Skip mayonnaise and special sauces.

• Ask for the junior size, and always say “no” to combo deals.

• Avoid sugary, calorie-laden sodas. Supersize sodas can pack 1,500 calories in a cup — more than half the recommended daily calories for a moderately active adult.


Sashi Amara, M.D.

Sashi Amara, M.D.

Sashi Amara, M.D., is an internal medicine physician at Mills-Peninsula Health Services.