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Help “STOP” Heart Attack

Posted on Nov 19, 2012 in Heart Health

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Recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack can save precious time in a life-threatening situation. Cardiologist Stephen Pope, M.D. says the acronym STOP can help you remember the most important signs of a heart attack:

  • S – Shortness of breath
  • T – Tightness of the chest, or pressure – feels like an elephant sitting on the chest
  • O – Other symptoms such as cold sweats, weakness or fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness or even loss of consciousness
  • P – Pain in the chest, throat, neck, jaw, arms or back

In this video segment of Healthpoint TV, Dr. Pope describes how symptoms differ in men and women and what to do when you see the signs. “If you suspect that you yourself, a friend or family member might be having a heart attack, make sure you call 911.” He also describes the latest life-saving treatments and takes you into the cardiac catheter lab at the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center.


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