New Hospital

Patient Lifts Raise the Bar on Safety

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center was designed from the ground up with patient safety in mind. Nearly every patient room in the Burlingame medical center features an automated ceiling lift that helps patients feel comfortable and secure when they are being moved.

The patient lifts also help protect health care workers by preventing injuries. Jim Schweikhard, regional health and safety director, shows how the lifts work.

Hospital Whiteboards Designed for Patients

Mills-Peninsula’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), comprised of former patients and family members, helps us incorporate the patient and family perspective in all that we do.

PFAC member Lisa Tealer shares the council’s role in ensuring the informational whiteboards in patient rooms best reflect the needs of our patients.

Take a Virtual Tour of Mills-Peninsula

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center OR

One of the high-tech operating suites at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

Members of the community can now take a good look inside Mills-Peninsula Medical Center before their visit. Virtual tours now available on Mills-Peninsula’s website, allow patients and visitors get a 360-degree view inside nearly every inch of the Medical Center, from our modern operating suites, to the cath labs, ICU and Emergency Department. Potential visitors can also get a feel for our patient- and family-centered features, including private rooms, family lounges, gardens and the Atrium food court and balcony.

Mothers-to-be can preview the birthing experience at Mills-Peninsula via a separate virtual tour of the Family Birth Center.

The tours also can help patients get familiar with the facility and find their way before arriving for an appointment or procedure. Visitors can preview the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center entrance, parking garage, pathway to the front entrance and the location of services, such as the clinic, lab and radiology.

Patient Room

Private patient rooms include family sleeping accommodations

High-tech Operating Room Tour

Before high-speed Internet in the OR, surgeons used to feel like they were “operating in a box,” says Andrea Metkus, M.D., Mills-Peninsula general surgeon and medical director at the Women’s Center in San Mateo.

Today, surgeons like Dr. Metkus are connected to information and medical experts around the globe.

“The new integrated operating room system allows us to access test results and lab X-rays on multiple high-definition monitors around the spacious OR,” she says “We can talk to or even show images to a doctor in the next operating room or somewhere else in the world.”

In this video segment from Healthpoint TV, Dr. Metkus takes you on a tour of a high-tech operating suite at the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame. Read More

Life-Saving Engineering: Video Tour of Hospital Basement

When you walk into the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, the construction and engineering effort it takes to run such a modern and life-saving facility may not not be apparent. You have to go down into the basement to see the type of machinery and engineering wonders that make it possible for our staff to take care of patients in comfort 24 hours a day, come what may.

In this video from Healthpoint TV, which was filmed during the building of the hospital that opened in May 2011, you’ll get a quick tour of the basement which houses electrical and heating systems, as well as 90,000 gallons of water (40,000 gallons of fire/sprinkler water and 50,000 of drinking water).

High Tech Mills-Peninsula is Most Modern Hospital on the Peninsula

The new hospital features state-of-the-art technology.

The world-class facilities at the newly-opened Mills Peninsula Medical Center provide state-of-the-art medical treatment in the most modern hospital on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Nine highly advanced, high-tech operating suites employ the latest information system to capture clear, sharp pictures at the surgical site and send them to high-definition displays. Images can be exported over secure channels for patient confidentiality, allowing for real-time consultation with doctors in the next room or around the world. Read More