Emergency Medicine

When Is Urgent Care the Right Choice?


If you have an accident or if illness strikes unexpectedly, when should you head straight to the ER, or when is the local urgent care center the right choice?

“The emergency room is set up to deal with true life-or-death issues,” Jesus Saucedo, M.D., associate chief medical officer for the Mills-Peninsula Division of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and lead physician at the new Urgent Care Center at Mills Health Center in San Mateo, says. “For many illnesses that require quick attention, an urgent care center can provide you with the right level of care.” Read More

Is it Urgent or a True Emergency?

If you hurt yourself or suddenly fall ill in the middle of the night, do you find your way to the nearest emergency room (ER) or wait until morning to visit an urgent care center?

Bruce Wapen, M.D., is a Mills-Peninsula emergency physician with 37 years of experience working in ERs. “You do not want to go to an ER unless you have a true emergency,” he says. “The level of care provided at an ER is intended for truly life-or-death issues.” Read More

Are You Prepared to Help in a Medical Emergency?

What’s the first thing Mills-Peninsula emergency physicians recommend in the case of a medical emergency?

“Stay calm,” says Dan Guenin, M.D. “Prepare yourself to handle minor cuts, burns and injuries by taking a first aid course. Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke.”

Dr. Guenin and Karin Molander, M.D., vice chair of emergency medicine at Mills-Peninsula, discuss when to come to the emergency room, when to call 911 and the basic components of a first aid kit in this video segment of Healthpoint TV.