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Health Tips for Travelers

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 in Prevention and Wellness


Planning a trip to a far-flung, exotic locale? Mills-Peninsula’s Jean Borella, R.N., BSN, offers these tips for a safe, healthy journey.


“The risk of having a traffic-related accident in developing countries is higher than all the other health risks combined,” Borella says.

  • Stay alert and be sure to check that your chosen mode of transportation has safety features such as seat belts.
  • Invest in traveler’s evacuation insurance, particularly if the region you are visiting is not equipped to respond to emergency health issues.

Food and Water

Food poisoning is a particular concern in developing countries, where water quality and sanitary conditions can be poor. Use these guidelines to stay safe.

  • Eat only well-cooked food served hot.
  • Avoid dairy products because of unreliable refrigeration.
  • Avoid salad and other raw produce; raw produce may have been washed in unsanitary water.
  • Avoid all melons and peeled fruit. Instead, buy whole fruit, then rinse with bottled water and peel it yourself.
  • Drink only bottled water. Avoid drinks with ice.
  • Consume one to two tabs of Pepto-Bismol before each meal to lessen chances of travelers’ diarrhea.

Vaccinations and Medicine 

  • Be sure you get the proper vaccinations for your destination well in advance of your trip. Mills-Peninsula’s Travel Medicine Program can help you prepare.
  • If you take prescription medication, pack an ample supply in the original container to avoid potential problems when going through customs.