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Tips to Stay Connected in a Disaster

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 in Disaster Preparedness


Have you ever watched TV helplessly while a disaster strikes the community where your loved ones and friends live? You hope they’re alright. But when you try to phone, the lines are tied up. What if you are in the disaster zone? How do you stay connected in a disaster?

During emergencies, you can’t rely on fast access to telephones. Emergency workers are using the phone lines. And so many people are trying to connect with loved ones.

Mills-Peninsula’s regional emergency preparedness experts, Deborah Tauscher and Jim Schweikhard, have an important tip for you: Turn to Safe and Well, an easy-to-use website created by the American Red Cross for people affected by disasters, and others searching for news about them.

When Affected, Get Connected

By registering on Safe and Well right after a disaster, you can let your friends know you’re alright and limit phone calls to an already burdened system. Family and friends can search the site by name to get your latest updates. You can also update your Facebook and Twitter accounts through Safe and Well.

If you can’t access a working computer, you may call 800-Red Cross (800-733-2767) and the Red Cross will log in for you. Include Safe and Well in your disaster planning. Bookmark the site now. Let your family and friends know you intend to use this service. Encourage them to use the service. By planning today, we can help keep our families safe and well during difficult times.

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