Posts made in March, 2013

Tips to Boost Senior Nutrition

For older adults experiencing decreased appetite or waning interest in food, a few simple adjustments to your cooking habits can help, according to Cathy Hazlewood, R.D., CDE, outpatient dietitian and diabetes educator at Mills-Peninsula Health Services.

Keeping up good nutrition is important at all stages of life, but senior nutrition is especially vital. Older adults need fewer calories, so they should eat nutritious foods that count, particularly fruits, vegetables and dairy. Read More

How Much Salt is Too Much?

You’ve probably heard the warnings about a high-sodium diet, but exactly how much salt is too much?

In this Healthpoints video, Mills-Peninsula registered dietitian Donna deKay shares the latest recommendations on salt intake and explores the health risks associated with a high-salt diet. Looking to cut back on salt? deKay offers tips to reduce salt in your diet.

Quick Desk Workouts


No time for the gym? In this Healthpoints video, Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist Brooke Benjamin demonstrates quick and easy desk workouts you can squeeze in anytime, without leaving the office. Every bit of exercise adds up, so get moving!


Eating to Stay Young

That elusive fountain of youth may be as close as the nearest produce market. In this Healthpoints video, Mills-Peninsula registered dietitian Donna deKay explains how fruits and vegetables can boost the immune system, fight off aging and prevent cancer.