Posts made in February, 2013

Top Calorie-Burning Exercises

Are all workouts created equal? Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist Brooke Benjamin explores which workouts pack the biggest punch. Learn about the exercises that will rev up your metabolism – helping burn calories even after your workout is done.

Keep Furry Friends Safe – Pet Emergency Preparedness

A pug looking sad.

Are you a pet lover and owner? If yes, you are probably saddened by stories of animals left behind in a disaster and others that are lost, never to be found. Disasters are stressful times and the loss of a beloved pet only increases anxiety. If you have pets, create an emergency plan that meets the needs of your furry family members, too. For example, don’t forget to include pet food and additional water in your disaster kits as well as any medications your critters might need.

Follow these tips from Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, to keep all your family members in mind in the case of a disaster, even the feathered, furry and scaly ones. Read More

Eating Smart While Dining Out

Donna deKay a, Mills-Peninsula registered dietitian, offers tips for eating smart while dining out. With a little planning and smart decision-making, you can eat out without over indulging.

Innovations in Cataract Surgery

Mills-Peninsula eye surgeon Kenneth Chern, M.D., details the latest advances in cataract surgery, including the tiny incisions now used to remove cataracts.