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Tour Mills-Peninsula’s Behavioral Health Center

One of the most common misconceptions about mental illness is that it doesn’t happen to “us, says Dan Becker, M.D., psychiatrist and medical director of Mills-Peninsula’s Behavioral Health Department.

In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, about one in four adults in the United States has a mental Health condition in any given year.

“It can affect people of all ages,” Dr. Becker says, “Which is why we are so fortunate to have a comprehensive program right here on the Peninsula that serves our adolescents, adults and seniors.”

Mills-Peninsula’s Behavioral Health programs, which include mental health and chemical dependency treatment, recently moved into a new, spacious and light-filled space at the Mills Health Center in San Mateo. Tour the new center in this video segment from Healthpoint TV.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

You’ve most likely heard it said before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s not just a morning person’s epiphany. Clinical studies are behind the advice. Protien drink

“Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast – including protein – improves concentration, gives us more strength and endurance and improves the overall nutrient content of the day,” says Donna deKay, Mills-Peninsula nutritionist and certified diabetes educator.

Despite the abundant evidence, many people still skip this health-boosting meal.

“If you are not hungry in the morning, you may have trained your body to ignore the hunger cues it’s receiving from the overnight fast,” she says. “Adults are great at overriding these hormonal signals to eat.”

Taking a few moments to consume at least some food in the morning will improve productivity throughout the day and also may help us pay attention to our body’s cues to stop eating in the evening. To improve sleep, it’s best to stop eating three hours before you go to bed.

Keep it Fast and Simple

Even if you don’t like breakfast and think you don’t have time, try fueling up on a quick protein drink.

You can buy ready-made protein drinks; the market is full of flavors and brands. DeKay recommends choosing one relatively low in carbohydrates (less than 25 grams) and with about 15-20 grams of protein. Or you can make one yourself  in two minutes. The new bullet-type blenders are quick and easy because you mix it right in the to-go cup, but a counter blender works well, too.

Easy Protein Drink

  • 1 scoop of protein powder (whey or soy)
  • ½ -2/3 cup of milk (skim, soy or almond)
  • ½ cup ice
  • ½ banana or ½ cup frozen or fresh fruit (blueberries or strawberries work very well)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • Blend until smooth and out the door you go to a better day!

Exercise Tips for Injury Recovery

Bone breaks and fractures are among the most common reasons for visits to the Emergency Department, and often require a cast to hold bones in place during the healing process.

But once the cast comes off, exercise can be an important part of the recovery process, says Brooke Benjamin, Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist. In this video segment from Healthpoint TV, Benjamin demonstrates some basic exercises to help regain your strength.

“Always check with your physician before starting any exercise routine following an injury,” she advises.

Take a Virtual Tour of Mills-Peninsula’s Family Birth Center

Expectant mothers and their families can now tour Mills-Peninsula Medical Center’s Family Birth Center online, and get an up-close look at every aspect of the birthing experience at Mills-Peninsula with a virtual tour

The online tour provides a 360-degree view inside the Family Birth Center, which opened last May, and lets you look around inside one of the spacious and private rooms (each with family sleeping accommodations), preview the Family Birth Center garden, get a feel for the family lounges and look inside the neonatal intensive care unity (NICU).

Online tours of other parts of the Medical Center are also available.

The tours are a convenient and new way to get familiar with the facility, and find your way before arriving for an appointment or procedure. The virtual tours also let visitors preview the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center entrance, parking garage, pathway to the front entrance and the location of other medical center services, such as the clinic, lab and radiology.

We hope you enjoy the online tour of our new Family Birth Center!



Disaster Prep: Emergency Equipment and Tools

If you happen to be an outdoor enthusiasts with the latest gear for camping wild for a couple of weeks or a tools and tech guru who considers LED flashlights, generators and water filtration systems must-have items you’re probably ahead of the game when it comes to having the right equipment, tools and skills in the event of a disaster. If not, don’t worry, follow these tips from Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula Health Services, and Jim Schweikhard, regional health and safety manager, to help you assemble essential items to be ready if a disaster strikes. Read More