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Emergency Kit Basics

What would you do if you had no gas, electricity or running water? Let’s say the banks, supermarkets and gas stations were all closed following a disaster.

In this video segment from Healthpoint TV, Deborah Tauscher, Mills-Peninsula’s emergency coordinator, shows you the basic elements that should be included in your emergency kit, and some items you might consider adding for extra comfort and security.

Don’t forget these basic components:

  • Food and water – a gallon a day per person
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight and batteries – consider a battery pack for your cell phone
  • Toiletries and medications Read More

Take a Virtual Tour of Mills-Peninsula

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center OR

One of the high-tech operating suites at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

Members of the community can now take a good look inside Mills-Peninsula Medical Center before their visit. Virtual tours now available on Mills-Peninsula’s website, allow patients and visitors get a 360-degree view inside nearly every inch of the Medical Center, from our modern operating suites, to the cath labs, ICU and Emergency Department. Potential visitors can also get a feel for our patient- and family-centered features, including private rooms, family lounges, gardens and the Atrium food court and balcony.

Mothers-to-be can preview the birthing experience at Mills-Peninsula via a separate virtual tour of the Family Birth Center.

The tours also can help patients get familiar with the facility and find their way before arriving for an appointment or procedure. Visitors can preview the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center entrance, parking garage, pathway to the front entrance and the location of services, such as the clinic, lab and radiology.

Patient Room

Private patient rooms include family sleeping accommodations

Exercise for Better Mental Health

Exercise is great for your body, but studies show that it also boosts your mental and emotional well being, according to Brooke Benjamin, Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist.

Moderate amounts of exercise release those feel-good endorphins and help to:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Help you sleep better

In this video from Healthpoint TV, Benjamin demonstrates proper form for mood-altering pushups and bicycle crunches.

Heartburn or GERD – How To Get Relief

About 40 million people in the United States suffer from heartburn, according to Albert Wetter, M.D., a Mills-Peninsula surgeon. “Unfortunately, about 40 percent of people who take medications for heartburn still experience symptoms,” he says.

Heartburn or acid reflux, are other names for gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD – a condition in which liquids from the stomach wash up into the esophagus causing pain, says Mills-Peninsula surgeon Pamela Foster, M.D.

The doctors explain acid reflux and the latest techniques to detect and treat GERD in this video segment from Healthpoint TV.

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Keeping Documents, Photos, Safe in a Disaster

Deborah Tauscher, emergency services coordinator, Mills-Peninsula

Losing important documents and cherished family photos in an emergency can add unnecessary stress and heartbreak to the already difficult task of recovering from a disaster.

While it may seem like a trivial preparation, compared to creating an escape plan or assembling an emergency food supply, ensuring the safety of important documents, such as insurance papers, is one of the most important keys to a speedy recovery, according to Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, and Jim Schweikhard, environmental health and safety director for Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region.

“After a disaster, you may need to prove who you are and where you live,” Tauscher says.

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