Posts made in March, 2012

Life-Saving Engineering: Video Tour of Hospital Basement

When you walk into the new Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, the construction and engineering effort it takes to run such a modern and life-saving facility may not not be apparent. You have to go down into the basement to see the type of machinery and engineering wonders that make it possible for our staff to take care of patients in comfort 24 hours a day, come what may.

In this video from Healthpoint TV, which was filmed during the building of the hospital that opened in May 2011, you’ll get a quick tour of the basement which houses electrical and heating systems, as well as 90,000 gallons of water (40,000 gallons of fire/sprinkler water and 50,000 of drinking water).

Cardiac Rehab Mends Hearts, One Class at a Time

Jim Thompson at cardio rehab

Jim Thompson wishes he had started rehabilitating his heart before doctors needed to fix it.

Thompson, 66, began attending cardiac rehab classes in June, 2011, after doctors placed two stents in his coronary arteries to relieve a dangerous blockage.

Mills-Peninsula’s cardiac rehab is a medically supervised exercise and education program designed to return people to good health after a heart attack or other cardiac event.

Twice a week Thompson attends cardiac rehab at Mills Health Center in San Mateo. Classes are led by an exercise physiologist and supervised by a registered nurse, who monitors each participant’s heart rate and other vital signs before, during and after they exercise.

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Exercise Bands: A Beginner’s Workout

Exercise is a vital component of any weight loss program. If you are overweight or recovering from injury or surgery, you should begin a fitness routine slowly and consult your doctor first, advises Brooke Benjamin, Mills-Peninsula exercise physiologist.

In this video segment from Healthpoint TV, she demonstrates a beginner’s workout with exercise bands to increase strength and coordination.


Losing 115 Pounds Saved Richard’s Life

Richard and Kathy Gingras collectively lost 200 pounds after having weight loss surgery at Mills-Peninsula. Kathy calls the surgery the best choice she ever made — she feels invigorated and can keep up with her new grandchild. Richard’s doctors told him he would not have survived cardiac arrest two years ago if he hadn’t lost the weight.

“I looked at my children and my wife, and I knew they were more important…than a slice of pizza or that extra scoop of ice cream. I was willing to make the changes because I want to live,” he says in this video segment from Healthpoint TV.



Disaster Prep – Food Storage for You & Your Family

emergency preparedness coordinator, Mills-Peninsula Health Services

When you think of preparing an emergency food supply, are granola bars or freeze-dried foods in individual foil pouches the first thing that come to mind? If yes, think again. Imagine sustaining your family for any length of time on these types of foods.

To be well prepared, you should stock enough food to last your family seven to 10 days (the same counts for emergency water – see last month’s article on storing an emergency water supply). Planning and stocking up in advance will enable you to buy foods that you and your family like when they are on sale – avoiding the high cost of specialized emergency foods.

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