Posts made in June, 2011

Evaluate and Treat Fractures Soon in Older Patients

Mills-Peninsula’s Geriatric Hip Fracture Program is on a mission to get older patients with hip fractures fast-tracked to treatment and, if needed, surgery.

Research shows older patients evaluated and treated for fractured bones do better if they go into surgery sooner, according to Karen Sheng, Mills-Peninsula’s geriatric clinical nurse specialist in orthopedics.

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Heart Health Program Tailors to Individual Needs

One program does not fit all when it comes to preventing heart disease. Mills-Peninsula’s Heart Health program is built around this philosophy — leveraging an individualized plan of exercises and education to help people reduce their risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

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Top Trends in Fitness of the Future

In this blog post, Mills-Peninsula Exercise Physiologist Brooke Benjamin looks into the future of fitness with these top 10 trends.

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Celebrate Men’s Health With a Visit to Your Doctor

A dire need for the “purple” pill or  the “my wife made me come in” excuse are just two of the reasons many men under the age of 60 give when they see me for a preventive care.  Studies have shown that men really are less likely to see a doctor for routine physical exams than women.

The problem with men waiting to see a doctor until they need a prescription or are pressured to do it by a loved one is that a lot of chronic diseases have no symptoms you can feel until your illness is very advanced. Without timely physical exams and certain laboratory screening tests, serious medical problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes or hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) can easily go undetected.

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Seniors in Motion Class Gets People Moving!

The fountain of youth may not exist outside of legend, but with its long list of health benefits and healing powers, exercise comes pretty close.

Regular exercise at any age can boost cardiovascular function and bone health and decrease risk factors for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. I am an exercise physiologist at Mills-Peninsula, and I teach the Seniors in Motion class at the Fitness and Therapy Center.

The list of benefits goes on: Exercise also increases muscle mass and strength, counteracting the loss of muscle that occurs with age. In addition, stronger muscles improve balance, which is key to cutting the risk of falling.

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